Familias personalizadas

adultos, aprox. 30 cm: 40 €       niños, aprox. 20 cm: 30 €    bebés, aprox. 12 cm: 20 €

mascotas, según tamaño 20 – 30 €

materiales: algodón, lana, guata, abalorios



Quyen & Julián

… y su bebé







Familia Lombardero










César y Paula                           Belén y Fernando





Familia Lozamar








Familia Benemar







Familia Viveld











2 thoughts on “Familias personalizadas

  1. Hello from Australia!
    I work with Ines Benavente in Melbourne and just love your work. I am interested in getting a family of 4 made. (2 adults, 2 kids aged 9 and 11). What would the cost be including shipping to Melbourne. I would need by the 20th July – is this possible?

    Many thanks Jenny-Anne Carter

    • Hello Jenny-Anne,
      Thank you for your compliments!!
      The price would be 35 x 2 + 25 x 2 = 120 € and the price for send it is 35 €
      So the total is 155 €
      I think for the 20th of july is very in a hurry, I can do the work in a week, but depends on the transport it could be one week or ten days… I can try it anyway.
      I need whole body pictures of the persons in order ton know the clothes and the phisonomy.
      Please send them to me to this mail: cristina@veidimannaprotum.com
      Thank you very much, best regards, Cristina

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